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Volume VI • Issue VI

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We are delighted to welcome Franz-Albrecht zu Oettingen-Spielberg as guest editor for the latest issue of Fieldsports Journal. Best known for starring in the cult series Wild Boar Fever, his experience and skill when it comes to boar shooting is second to none.

Reflecting his passion for running boar, this issue includes a practical masterclass in how to best shoot this iconic wild species, with tips to improve your technique and get the best out of your gear. Plus, we have interviews with two brilliant British artists: sculptor Hamish Mackie, who creates life-size bronze sounders of running boar, and cover artist Mark Adlington, who depicts boar in an abstract way using whatever materials he has to hand.

We also feature exclusive interviews with two of Franz-Albrecht’s conservation heroes: his father Albrecht, who founded Die Game Conservancy Deutschland, and Jim Shockey, a Canadian hunting TV superstar who has used his platform for decades to advocate for a considered approach when it comes to hunting big game across the world.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we take a deep dive into the challenges facing wild salmon today; visit a charming Dorset shoot to celebrate the start of the game season; and follow the story of an elk hunt in the riotous autumnal landscape of Utah’s aspen forests.

With recipes from Michellin-starred chef Phil Howard, a look at princely game books from the Royal Archives, and much more besides, we hope you enjoy this issue of Fieldsports Journal.


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