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Volume VI • Issue III

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This issue of Fieldsports Journal is guest edited by food writer Tom Parker Bowles who says his obsession with eating has kept him returning to the gun line to take home gamebirds for the table. He speaks to us from his home in London about his gluttonous tendencies, not wearing a tie on his stepfather’s Sandringham shoot and why serving Champagne at elevenses gives him the ick. This issue also sees James Percy dissect everyday items like shotgun cartridges and pick-up trucks with his usual amusing observations. We also travel to Morocco to learn how Wellington boots are made in the dessert, then we travel to Ireland to look at the river Corrib and then it’s off to Scotland for opening day on the Dee with Matt Harris. Back south and we visit the Upperwood estate in Lancashire to see how they run their 5,000-acre shoot in the Pennines. This is all before we hear Tom’s musings on modern day elevenses and discover what he’s picked as his favourite piece of sporting art.


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