Volume II • Issue IV

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The April/May 2019 issue of Fieldsports takes you on a stunning piscatorial journey unlike ever before.

We interview Jasper Paakkonen, Finnish star of highly acclaimed TV show Vikings, about his love of fishing; British broadcaster, journalist and author Jeremy Paxman provides an intriguing insight into some of the UK’s most obscurely named salmon pools; and long-serving Scottish ghillie Ian Gordon offers advice on how to be the perfect client.

On top of all that, we take you from the frigid steelhead waters of Alaska to the fly fishing wonderland that is the South American rainforest, Paul Procter shares his top sparsely-dressed patterns for tricky trout, and sculptor Jason Sweeney talks about his largest salmon commission to date.

But Fieldsports would not be the same without reams of stalking and game shooting content to boot. Packed within the April/May issue's 196 pages are features on famous London gunmakers, spring roebuck stalking, game bird husbandry, an African plains game safari, must-try woodpigeon recipes, a Scottish shoot with sustainability at its core, and much, much more.

Time well spent…

Issue highlights:

  • An interview with Jasper Paakkonen
  • Jeremy Paxman delves into the history of some of the UK's most obscurely named salmon pools
  • A return to a Bahamian fly fishing paradise
  • Gamebird rearing advice from an experienced veterinarian
  • New Zealand's sporting secret
  • A Scottish shoot with great potential
  • The return of the name of one of the gun trade's most innovative inventors
  • Spring and summer grouse counting explained
  • Cigars to smoke in the pigeon hide
  • How the fate of freshwater pearl mussels is intertwined with salmonids

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