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Volume II • Issue II

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The days are short, the hours of light are precious, and Mother Nature is as unpredictable as she is wondrous… It’s winter, and a good read for the evenings is key – pages in which you can escape long after the sun has set...

The 212-page December/January issue is the biggest Fieldsports yet. Full to the gunwales with topical, thought-provoking editorial, it’s the perfect fireside read this festive season, offering that addictive escape we search for when venturing forth with gun, rod, rifle and dogs…

From ptarmigan shooting in the Cairngorms, foreshore wildfowling, and gundog health testing, to grayling fishing in Lapland, driven pheasants in the Cotswolds, and the need to unite as a food producing community – there’s something for everyone…

What's more, we have taken Fieldsports Journal – Volume II, Issue II to another level. Not only have we increased our printing quality once again, but we have now taken the decision to send out all of our printed editions in recycled cardboard envelopes that are fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Issue highlights:

  • Shooting in a winter wonderland on the Badminton Estate
  • An interview with Managing Director of GunsOnPegs Chris Horne
  • Peter Wilson MBE comments on using plastic in the shooting field
  • A history of pheasant shooting
  • Memorable foreshore wildfowling at Lindisfarne
  • Are health tests jeopardising the future efficacy of our gundog breeds?
  • The blatant abuse of science by policy makers
  • Grayling fishing in Lapland
  • Five chefs descend on the Scottish Highlands to gather wild ingredients
  • The most remarkable sporting guns to have ever sold at auction

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