Few people can shoot like this issue’s guest editor. Best known for starring in Hunter’s Videos and the cult Wild Boar Fever series, his lightning reactions are unmatched with endless seemingly impossible shots.

However, boar shooting is actually only a tiny fraction of what he does. His day job is managing huge swathes of land where he strives for agriculture, forestry and hunting to thrive and work in harmony. Here, we find out how his commitment to marksmanship, selective hunting, and environmental stewardship has garnered him international acclaim.

In this issue we feature a wild boar shooting masterclass from the man himself, plus we enjoy exclusive interviews with two of Franz-Albrecht’s conservation heroes: his father Albrecht, who founded Die Game Conservancy Deutschland, and Jim Shockey, a Canadian hunting TV superstar who has used his platform for decades to advocate for a considered approach when it comes to hunting big game across the world.