Serves 4


4 whole partridges, plucked and drawn

Plain natural yoghurt

A few sprigs of rosemary

Mint leaves, chopped

Coriander, chopped

4 tbsp honey


3 lemons

5 cloves of garlic

2 tsp Baharat (mixed spices)


Flat-leafed parsley

Rock salt

Mixed grill spices

how to prepare partridges


For the partridges

1. Using a pair of scissors or poultry shears, cut up either side of the backbone of each partridge and remove.

2. Wipe insides with some kitchen towel, hold each bird breast down and with a heavy knife, chop the pelvic bone between the legs. Then place breast up in a roasting tray.

partridge dish

3. Pour over the olive oil and yoghurt, then add the chopped mint, rosemary, 2-4 tbsp of honey and the juice of a lemon. Mix it all together, covering the partridges evenly as you do.

4. Cook for 15 minutes at 220°C, then finish over hot coals for 5 minutes.

green sauce

For the green sauce

1. Add the juice and zest of two lemons to a food processor with 200ml EV olive oil, a big handful of basil, coriander and flat-leafed parsley, 5 cloves of garlic and a big pinch of grilled spices and the Baharat.

2. Blitz all ingredients for a minute, adding more oil if necessary. Pour into a bowl and serve alongside the partridge once cooked.

grilled partridge