An important milestone has been reached for the game food charity.

The Country Food Trust (CFT) has announced it has now supported over 1,000 charities tackling food poverty across the UK. Founded in 2015, the CFT manufactures microwavable game meat ready meals sealed in a retort pouch so it can be stored for a year without chilling. Options include spicy pheasant curry and warming pheasant casserole.

To date the CFT has produced over 320,000 meals, which have been donated either directly to people in need, or to charities who feed people in need or through charities like FareShare who distribute food nationwide to other charities. Last year, a record number of people accessed emergency food supplies – with 1.3 million requiring assistance.

Supported by dozens of shoots and sporting estates around the country, each one pays £750 to become accredited and help towards the cost of processing birds.

Tim Woodward, CEO of CFT, said of the milestone: “I am delighted the food we have produced has been distributed so widely to so many people in so many parts of the country by so many amazing charities. Our job at The Country Food Trust is to make delicious and nutritious food for those charities as they do their vital work helping the huge number of people in food poverty in this country.” 





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