Fieldsports Journal lead the way by becoming carbon neutral.

Fieldsports Journal is proud to continually push the envelope when it comes to sustainability in the countryside media sector. After scrutinising our supply chain, we were the first to scrap single use polywrap packaging and now we are leading the charge once again by becoming carbon and climate neutral.

To that end the bi-monthly’s publisher Fieldsports Press recently selected a new printer - Park Communications – which is considered the UK’s most eco-friendly and offer carbon neutral printing via a scheme called ClimatePartner.

Of the available offset initiatives, the publisher opted for a fish-friendly scheme which strives to stop plastic waste entering the oceans. Without urgent action, plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050. In the magazine there is a QR code that will enable readers to stay up to date on how much carbon has been offset by Fieldsports Journal. Simply open your smartphone’s camera and point it at the code for it to take you to the relevant webpage. No app required.

Fieldsports Journal is produced using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced from UK wind. All the inks used are vegetable oil based, 95% of press chemicals are recycled for further use and, on average 99% of any waste associated with this production will be recycled and the remaining 1% used to generate energy. It is printed on chlorine-free Soporset Offset, paper made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. 

Owner of Fieldsports Press, Simon K. Barr, commented: “We are not campaigning for others to join us, or casting any judgements whatsoever, but are pleased to be making this step. As a publisher we take our environmental credentials very seriously and are always striving to improve what we do. ClimatePartner is a pioneer in climate protection and we are proud to be on board with them.”

Managing Director of Park Communications, Alison Branch, added: “With our shared passion for the environment, we are delighted to be supporting Fieldsports Press.  It is heartening to see an independent magazine take sustainability so seriously.”






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