NFL players are some of the most robust athletes on the planet, so their training schedules are incredibly important. Without adequate physiotherapy, post-game recovery and gym schedules, football players wouldn’t be able to maintain such consistent sporting excellence. Nevertheless, they also need plenty of downtime to let their bodies rest. Hunting and fishing are two hobbies that many NFL professionals love, providing an exciting thrill without the physical exertion.

Other popular hobbies among football players include golf and video gaming. After retirement, former NFL pros enjoy using their superior football knowledge to place accurate sports wagers. A new breed of sportsbook apps makes sports betting straightforward and consistently offer state-of-the-art possibilities. Click here to find out more! Unfortunately, current NFL players under contract aren’t allowed to bet on sports. As a result, many of them prefer hunting and fishing. Keep reading for a few famous players known for their passion for these hobbies.

Julio Jones 

Julio Jones would definitely know a thing or two about fishing in the crustacean-rich waters of the Louisiana marsh, as the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver is a massive fan of fishing across the US. Jones lives on a lake and goes fishing whenever his downtime allows. One of the greatest catchers the NFL has ever seen, his favorite discipline is bass fishing. Still, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Julio Jones fishing anywhere. His love for the hobby knows no bounds!

JJ Watt

When he isn’t throwing offensive players around with his hulk-like strength and brutal ferocity, JJ Watt loves going fishing for prize catches. The Arizona Cardinals defensive end is known for extraordinary catches, most notably a huge 175-pound tarpon after his first rookie season. He terrorizes offenses during the NFL season and big fish in the off-season.

Adam Vinatieri

Adam Vinatieri played a pivotal part in the New England Patriots’ spell of complete dominance several years ago, kicking them to five Super Bowls throughout his successful career. Mr Clutch has proven his superhuman ability to keep calm under pressure, a skill he perfects in the off-season with a packed hunting schedule.

Sam Barrington

If you thought JJ Watt’s catches were big, just wait until you see what Sam Barrington has plundered. The former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers has a passion for catching gargantuan monster fish. He’s most known for catching massive goliath groupers in Florida. These fish are so huge that not everyone has the strength to reel them in. Fortunately for Barrington, a career in the NFL has given him more than enough strength to succeed.

Clay Matthews

 Fishing offers NFL players the perfect amount of relaxation and exhilaration during their offseason, which is why so many fall in love with it. Clay Matthews is another player with a passion for fishing, especially largemouth and smallmouth bass, muskie and pike. The former Green Bay Packers linebacker lives in the perfect location, with lake fishing in Green Bay being well-regarded across the US.

Carson Palmer

 Carson Palmer demonstrated his tactical and technical proficiency in the quarterback position throughout his 15 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals. Nowadays, he transfers these skills to the fishing world, regularly heading out on the boat with his family to catch bass and other fish.

Brian Robison 

 Brian Robison has a large Instagram following predominantly because of his fishing escapades. While he was a popular NFL player throughout his 16-year career, his Reel Em In Foundation and fundraisers for k9sforcops have expanded his profile significantly. A bass fishing lover, you can regularly watch Robison going live on Instagram with his fishing trips.

Randy Moss

Randy Moss is arguably the most famous angler to come out of the NFL, throwing himself into the hobby with crazy passion after the end of his career. The wide receiver broke several records during his time with the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers. Nowadays, he breaks fishing records, displaying an extraordinary ability to reel in the most prized catches.

Willie Young

Willie Young gives off the impression he would rather be fishing than doing just about anything else, even playing football. He created the bass fishing sack dance, exemplifying the defensive end and outside linebacker’s extreme passion for catching fish. Injuries tragically cut his career short, but with such an adored hobby, we’re not sure Young minded.