Long ago in a small, rustic workshop in Glasgow, James Laing founded what would go on to become one of the longest standing jewellers in the United Kingdom. James dreamt of a life dedicated to craft and artistry, where skill would endure the everchanging landscape around him. And thus, Laings was born.

The generations of the Laing family that followed drew on James’ vision, crafting elegant fine jewellery collections that embody style through every era. Each member of the Laing family was an avid collector of gemstones, travelling the globe to bring the most coveted jewels to their creations. These pieces were the work of Laings rare crafts, combined with the influences of Scotland’s architecture and sculptural scenery.

Over the 180 years that followed James’ original vision, Laings would find homes in Wales, and England, going on to reach new heights in the jewellery and watch industry. Alongside our own collections, Laings also began bringing the best of the continents back to the United Kingdom by uniting with the finest historic maisons in jewellery and the watch houses of Geneva.

Laings invites you to discover the past through exceptional works of art, the present, our pillars of today which we stand upon, and finally the future – a word with an ever growing meaning as we honour James’ creative and aspirational spirit through the continued evolution of Laings.

Heritage, craftsmanship and expertise are the pillars of Laings. These three foundational elements are the seeds sewn through everything we do and they form the chapters of our story. Heritage honours our legacy, craftsmanship represents the precious skills required to create our jewellery and expertise is the knowledge needed to bring all of our industry to you.

Our story has unfolded over six generations of the Laing family, who have carefully watched over the business as it evolved alongside the historic events of the past three centuries. From weathering the storms of two world wars to the swinging sixties and the technology charged millennium, Laings has prospered and now looks to a future brighter than ever.

For more information, visit: laingsuk.com.