Claude Chamot had spent the day listening to his customers, farmers, hunters and fisherman complaining that their boots were neither comfortable, nor durable. So, he decided to do something about it. Mr Chamot set out to create a new type of boot, that would withstand the rigours of the countryside, and at sea. Today they are the only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, making each pair completely unique. Le Chameau Maîtres Bottiers have been making the boots by hand for over 90 years. Every Le Chameau boot is constructed by one Maîtres Bottier. In order to become a Maîtres Bottier it takes 9 months of training before they are permitted to construct their first rubber boot. The Le Chameau rubber boot begins with the design and sourcing of their material. They pick only the finest ingredients; their natural rubber, leathers and neoprene linings are all of the highest quality.

The traditional skills to create the boots have been passed from generation to generation, along with adopting technical innovations in order to keep Le Chameau at the forefront of the craft. Discerning devotees across the world, technology, flair and craftsmanship have enabled the brand to create collections for all occasions.

Ideal for country pursuits, working in the field or simply enjoying an outdoor stroll, the boot collection is varied to suit different needs and desires. From the classic Vierzonord to the versatile Jameson, there is a boot for everyone with different styles, finishes and linings. Over the years the collection has grown to include an array of styles for men, women and children.

Le Chameau boots were originally crafted out of a need for footwear that was both durable and comfortable. All Le Chameau boots are made using the highest quality materials, which go through a rigorous testing process to ensure each pair is of the highest standard.

Le Chameau also broadened its customer base and launched its own dog accessories range, providing quality products for your four-legged friend. This includes for example, dog beds, dog coats.