From the original Silver Pigeon handmade by Edwin John Churchill to the latest Crown shotgun designed expertly by the veteran on-site gunsmiths, every shotgun stamped with the E.J. Churchill name is marked with a seal of engineering brilliance and artistic flourish.

Celebrating a history of over 125 years of expertise, E.J. Churchill’s pair of shooting grounds in Buckinghamshire and the Yorkshire Dales also boast some of the finest targets and practice configurations the sport has to offer. While the team of today holds firm to its founders beliefs, that’s not to assume that it is not at the forefront of the development of sporting and accessibility measures. During the COVID restrictions, E.J. Churchill used the closure time to accelerate changes to its shooting grounds furthering the addition of over 100 weather proofed shooting stands, paved walkways and the implementation of the Promatic Claymate system, where shooters can practice without need of another member. The team of internationally renowned course setters that drive the success of E.J. Churchills practice environment ensure that the targets on show any day of the week are the absolute best on offer. Having set courses for the highest level of competition in every major discipline across the globe, they’re unmatched in their level of expertise and course design.

The High Wycombe grounds and West Wycombe Estate are hosting the World English Sporting championships for the 5th consecutive time this coming July. ‘The targets we are able to offer are second to none. We have a fantastic grounds teams at both shooting grounds and can simulate any kind of game target with thanks to our multiple high towers. Our Buckinghamshire ground also plays host to the Elite Training Centre, specially designed for Team GB athletes and competition hopefuls. I’m incredibly grateful for the hard work our team tirelessly puts in to provide two outstanding shooting grounds that we are all so proud of.’ - Rob Fenwick, Managing Director

Whether it’s a charity event, practice for the game season with simulated drives or bringing friends together for a one-of-a-kind experience, the events management team at E.J. Churchill are fully equipped to host events of any caliber and size. Trusted by local and international charities alike, over £1m has been raised through their events in 2022 alone. With hospitality at the forefront of every interaction, no stone is left unturned as they endeavor to meet your every need with multiple hosting locations including a dedicated on-site events pavilion and access to the highly exclusive West Wycombe Estate, which also plays host to many a partridge shoot during the game season through the on-site sporting agency.

E.J. Churchills list of top level services doesn’t stop there however with countrywear and retail stores at both shooting grounds, private tuition from championship winners, international competition hosting and more.