Scotland is renowned internationally as a unique sporting destination that offers visitors outstanding fur, feather, and fin sporting experiences set amongst dramatic and unparalleled landscapes.

Choose from over 100 Scottish sporting providers offering all country sports in Scotland from exceptional driven and walked up game shooting experiences – including pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and pigeon, as well as grouse and ptarmigan which are distinct to the British Isles. Not forgetting superb wildfowling and ground game opportunities.

image of man from shoulders down holding onto shotgun, the cartridge has popped out and is smoking

To deer stalking for the iconic red deer in the awe-inspiring glens and hill tops across Scotland and on some estates, using the traditional method of Highland Ponies (Garrons) to extract deer off the hill. The exclusive Fallow and Sika deer also present fantastic experiences throughout Scotland. As well as Roe deer which can be found in woodlands and on the hill side. Whether its your first time or you’re a seasoned deer stalking enthusiast, being guided provides an unforgettable experience for visitors. Most Estates will also provide equipment and tuition and guide you every step of the way.

Highland pony carrying deer off hill amongst purple heather

Synonymous for its Salmon fishing on the rivers, which is steeped in years of history and tradition. Anglers from all over the world are attracted here in the hope of catching that ‘bar of silver.’ The season on some rivers starts in January and ends in October or November. You can fish on impressive vast open rivers to small tributaries and everything in between.

Rivers and hill lochs also hold brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. Winter fishing for pike in many of Scotland’s lochs, large and small, has been growing in popularity in recent years, as is winter fishing for grayling on many rivers – with virtually no close season, meaning you can fish all year round.

fishermen standing by river casting into water

Sea angling in Scotland is widely available with opportunities from shore or boat for large skate and shark species through to cod, wrasse, pollock, mackerel and conger eel. There is also excellent fishing for flat fish such as plaice and flounder on sandy shores. 

Country Sport Scotland’s accommodation section allows visitors to choose from self-catering, to hotels, castles, and everything in between to create the ultimate sporting package. All their providers are sporting and angling friendly, with facilities to accommodate all your needs.

There are opportunities for everyone, and to suit all budgets, ranging from as little as £2 per day to £10,000 per week and more. Country Sport Scotland also bring you the latest news and updates with their monthly newsletter, articles, information on sporting seasons, beginners, ladies and much more.

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The country is immersed in colourful history, tradition and culture which provide the sporting visitor with what many across the world regard as an unrivalled overall experience.

Country Sport Scotland operate on a third-party basis and bookings are dealt with directly through the individual sporting provider.

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