From the famous game bird silk scarves, seen on the best dressed ladies at The Game Fair, through to the Equestrian Collection, mens shooting ties and cravats, and even hair accessories: each design starts its life as a piece of original artwork. Every brushstroke is a reflection of Clare's passion for wildlife that underpins the company she founded in 2016.

First and foremost an artist, internationally renowned for creating pieces based on rural heritage, Clare draws inspiration from her rural upbringing and passion for the outdoors. Each painting she creates is lovingly developed over time. Clare adores using watercolour pencils and acrylic paint to compose her paintings, bringing a sense of adventure played out against a backdrop of the glorious outdoors. 

Her paintings are then transferred onto the highest quality silks, hand-finished with hems rolled by a team of artisans in Worcestershire. And, committed to continual refinement of the brand, this year Clare has invested in and developed a new printing process, and is the first and currently only brand in the UK producing double sided silk scarves. This means the usual whiter underside typical of silk scarves is a thing of the past, and endless styling possibilities are ahead. In silk printing and production, "silk penetration" refers to the degree to which the ink or dye penetrates the fibres of the silk. 100% silk penetration therefore means the ink has fully penetrated the fabric, resulting in a vibrant and long-lasting design - where the colours are just as vibrant on the reverse side of the fabric.

From the initial concept and subjects of her paintings, to the final product, the entire journey is a testament to the beauty of British wildlife, and the excellence of British craftsmanship. The brand has developed over time to include over 100 different scarf designs, with the much anticipated ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’ to be released for Autumn/Winter 2023. 

From the noble stance of the Pointer to the energetic spirit of the Spaniel and the unwavering determination of the Retriever, this new design is a first for the brand, with our canine friends not yet featuring on any of her silk accessories. Using some of her most famed gundog paintings, these scarves not only capture the essence of gundogs' physical characteristics, but also showcase magnificent birds, including pheasants and grouse. 

 Clare Haggas is a rare breed of authentically British lifestyle brands that combine country heritage with unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury.

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