John Moses Browning was born in Utah in the mid-19th century. As a prolific inventor, he filed 128 patents covering 80 different firearms. The world's first over-and-under shotgun? It's a Browning. The first semi-automatic shotgun available to the general public? It's a Browning. The first modern semi-automatic pistol? It's again a Browning.

Nearly 170 years after his birth, Browning continues to bring his legacy to life through products that are as innovative, reliable and effective as ever.

Now established in the heart of Europe, in Belgium, Browning is an iconic brand. For many hunters and sport shooters, the love affair with the brand begins in early childhood. It begins with beautiful autumn days when parent and child roam the countryside together, a B25 on their arm. For others, it begins with cries of joy during a feat achieved during a shooting competition. Others associate the BAR with that torrent of adrenaline flowing through our veins when the game so long hoped for leaps in sight. Browning is above all about emotions; the promise of a way of life that carries the scent of freedom, nature and powder. 

To keep our promises of effectiveness, reliability and performance, we look to the future without forgetting our more than century-old heritage. The B725, descendant of the legendary B25, combines an ultra-modern low action frame and gunsmithing techniques designed by John Moses Browning himself. The Maral, the fastest and most versatile straight pull rifle rifle on the market, is also extremely safe thanks to its 7-lug bolt directly inherited from a rifle that was first made in 1966: the legendary Browning BAR.

This tradition of innovation or this innovation within tradition, it depends, allows us to establish ourselves as a global brand. A brand that accompanies millions of people in every important moment of life. Browning is not only legendary weapons. It is also clothing and accessories for hunting, sport shooting or everyday life. Because when you love, you don't count the Buckmarks.

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