This dish actually evolved from a method used by Genghis Khan’s army. They were constantly on the move and had to eat quickly, so they would boil a large pot of stock and each soldier would gather round and dip small pieces of meat or vegetables into the boiling pot until they were cooked.


1 muntjac loin fillet, cleaned of all sinew


For the cooking broth:

175ml soy sauce

100g sugar

175ml Sake

175ml Mirin

350ml chicken stock


For the sesame sauce:

200g Japanese sesame paste (Goma) or any good quality, thick Tahina

50g sugar

100g water

25g soy sauce

60g rice vinegar



Note: Only use the loin of the muntjac. A very sharp knife is also needed to cut the meat into thin slices.

1. Place cleaned muntjac loin in freezer for 20 mins – this will allow it to become firmer and easier to make thin slices.

2. Using a sharp knife, slice 2mm thick slices at a 45 degree angle, starting with the knife heel on the meat, drawing it towards you in one motion. (Do not cut in a see saw motion.)

3. Dress the slices on a plate so as to make them easy to pick up with chopsticks or a fork.

4. Whisk all ingredients for the sesame sauce together until smooth.

5. Bring the cooking broth to a boil in a shallow pan and turn the heat down to a slight simmer.

6. Gather your troops, soldiers, shooters or whoever around the boiling pot and let each one dip a piece of muntjac into the boiling stock for about six seconds, then place into the sesame sauce and consume!  


Volume IV · Issue II



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