With lockdown still in full swing and the shooting season brought sadly to an early finish this year, what better way to make use of your time stuck at home than to look after one of your most valuable assets. So here we have provided you with five of the best home gun-cleaning products to ensure that next season will (fingers crossed) start with a bang.

Ballistol Universal Gun Oil



Well tried and unequalled across the board, Ballistol is your ideal all-round gun cleaning oil. Protecting from corrosion, it lubricates, cleans and acts against residues of powder, lead, copper and tombac, as well as beautifying wooden gun stocks and leather cases.

Price: From £3.25

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Magic Bore Cleaning Rod



Available in both a ‘hand’ and ‘drill’ kit, this revolutionary gun cleaning rod makes cleaning shotguns quick and easy. Combining both brush and mop in one, this little piece of magic removes even the heaviest of fouling.

Price: £60

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Selvyt Cleaning Cloth



Selvyt has been the gunmaker’s polishing cloth of choice for centuries, with the likes of Purdey, Rigby & Co. and Watson Bros. all utilising this essential piece of kit. Use a Selvyt JC cloth to take off the dirt, then polish with a PR Heavyweight ‘C’ cloth to ‘make it shine’.

Price: From £11

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Hoppes No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner from Sportsden



This little bottle remains the most widely used remover of powder, lead, metal fouling and rust for over 100 years. The safe, easy-to-use formula is ultra-effective and penetrates deep and rapidly. A worldwide favourite since 1902.

Price: £12

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Bisley Gun Grease from Philip Morris



Ideally suited for all moving parts of shotguns and rifles, the high load bearing characteristics of this Bisley grease ensures lasting performance and reliability whilst being resistant to corrosion and acidic gases.

Price: £5.95

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