Technology is something which has advanced rapidly in recent years and which we all rely on in our everyday lives. It is certainly something we see in our careers, where things like the internet, mobile devices, and email are vital tools at work. 

As you would expect, tech has had a major impact in how we spend our leisure time too. There have been many entertainment sectors which have undergone something of a digital transformation lately. For example, playing fun casino games is a case in point and has seen a real shift to internet based play in recent years. With free bets for signing up at the top online casino platforms available and a safe, fun environment to experience from home, this is no surprise. 

Anyone who is into field sports such as hunting, fishing, and shooting will know that technology has also made its presence felt more and more in these pastimes. But, just what kind of tech has come into field sports in the 21st century? 

What 21st century tech has come into fishing? 

Although many people might think that fishing is not that technical a hobby, the 21st century developments which have come into it recently prove this assumption wrong. This is a field sport which is becoming more tech heavy by the day and one which has seen major developments in this area since 2000. Whether you enjoy summer fishing with friends or head out on your own, this is true.

One very good example of this is sonar for domestic anglers to use. Pre-2010, sonar tech was mostly reserved for commercial fishing boats who operated out at sea. 2013 though, saw Lithuanian company Deeper launch a portable sonar device for domestic fishing, which changed the game. This castable, tennis-ball sized device connects to your mobile device and helps boost your chances of a decent catch. 

Another superb example of 21st century tech which has come into fishing is MagSeal from Daiwa. This was launched in 2010 and proved a real advancement for all domestic anglers. This tech basically puts a special seal on the companies’ reels and makes them not only water/dust-proof but way more durable too. 

How has hunting and shooting incorporated 21st century tech? 

When you look at the kind of technology that modern hunters and those who shoot can use, it is clear how far things have advanced in the 21st century. Many of these breakthroughs have made both activities not only more fun but a little easier too. 

Advances in rifle scopes are a great example and the latest tech-centric scopes bring you a new edge when it comes to shot accuracy. Turrets in yardage, Mil, and MOA on the latest units make it much easier to shoot with greater precision. 

Of course, GPS is also a tech development which has crept into this section of field sports. Although this might have been around before the 21st century, it is only quite recently that these high-tech navigation devices have started to come down in price and be used more widely. Communication is key in both hunting and shooting – which makes the advances in mobile communication tech that the last 20 years has seen key. Modern two-way radios and the latest smartphones make it easier than ever to stay in touch with one another in the field.

Where might tech in field sports head from here? 

Technology has become more common in field sports in the 21st century and the above sports give some great examples of how this is the case. The burning question for many field sports enthusiasts though, is where this will lead to over the coming years. 

As in the rest of society, we can only predict that tech will have a bigger influence as time moves on. Now that anglers and hunters have gotten used to using the latest technology to assist them, it is unlikely they will ever decide to ditch it. This means we should see more tech-heavy kit and products emerging in the coming years.