Burghley Estate shoot

Matt Kidd

Claughton Hall shoot

David Egan

Graythwaite Hall

Matt Kidd

Rotherfield Park shoot

Rupert Godfrey

Shuckburgh Hall shoot

Will Pocklington

Stowlangtoft shoot, Suffolk

Will Pocklington

Temple shoot

Will Pocklington 

Twenty top tips for partridge shooting

Simon Ward

How to shoot clays to improve your game shooting

Which gun for high pheasants?

Chris Batha

External factors that can effect shooting performance

Simon Ward

Five wildfowling tips

Browning B15 Beauchamp

Gun fitting with Simon Ward

Shot strings explained

Simon Ward

The ten most common game shooting faults

Copper-coated shot demystified

Twenty top tips for pheasant shooting

Simon Ward

Watson Bros. Gunmakers

Marcus Janssen

Sixteen bore shotguns

Chris Batha

Side-by-side or over-under shotgun

Simon Ward

John Trickett

Matt Kidd

Entry level guns

Vic Harker

How to prepare for your first driven day's shooting

George Padley

Davey Hughes

Leonard Carr

Jessica Lennox

Matt Kidd

T. R. White & Co. Gunmakers

Matt Kidd

Spanish partridges at Butler del Prado

Will Pocklington

Five of Norfolk's finest shoots

Matt Kidd

An interview with David Clark LVO

The Perfect Shoot

Tim Furbank

The magic of Beater's Day

Fieldsports Journal

Striving for Shooting Excellence

Simon Ward

A Love of Englishmen

Rodger Mcphail, Jonathan Yule & Andrew Ellis

Wing Shooting in Africa

Will Pocklington

The Young and the Seasoned

Peter Glenser

The Ultimate Quarry Species – Part 1

Ted Innes Ker, Dr Kevin Robertson, Steffan Jones, Matt Harris, James Horne, Lady Katie Percy, Rachel Carrie And Franz-albrecht Oettingen-spielberg

An interview with Chris Horne

First and Foremost

Simon Ward

Connoisseurs of Light

Al Young

The Ultimate Quarry Species – Part 2

Badminton Shoot

Matt Kidd

Pheasant Shooting - A Short History

David S. D. Jones

Advice from an Old Hand

David Clark Lvo

High Game

Sam Carlisle

What about Woodland?

Tim Furbank

The Underley Shoot

A Southern Sojourn

Peter Ryan

Grouse Counting

Richard Macnicol

Mental Health in Shooting

Julia Stoddart


David S. D. Jones

The 1939 Shooting Season

David S. D. Jones


Sam Thompson

Cartridges for pigeons

Gary Turner

Game shooting Q&A

Simon Ward


Simon Ward

Game bag sizes

Hugh Van Cutsem

To foster or Not to FOSTER?

Tim Furbank

A brace of snipe and a pint of port

Jeremy Hobson

Lead: A poisonous issue

John Gregson

Prescombe Shoot

Matt Kidd

Bagging a Macnab

Rt Hon. Richard Benyon

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