A quintessentially British luxury brand that specifically caters for country sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

James Purdey & Sons Ltd. have been making the finest shotguns and rifles since it was founded in 1814 and hold three Royal Warrants. Since 1974, they have been offering a beautiful selection of stylish and technical shooting clothing for the avid fieldsports enthusiast along with a collection of beautiful and chic pieces for weekends in the country for both men and women. At the heart of Purdey is craftsmanship, heritage, authenticity, beauty and uncompromising values.


purdey shotgun

Since 1814, James Purdey & Sons have been perfecting the art of the ‘Best’ London Gun. Order a hand-crafted shotgun or rifle and you are joining a tradition of gunmaking excellence. A Purdey ‘Best’ gun is a gun that cannot be bettered – no extra time or expense can bring further improvement. From the very first measurement it is designed to perfection.

The joy of owning a Purdey gun is the knowledge that, from the very first fitting, every element has been made to your personal specifications, that is has gone through seven different handcrafted stages before it is yours forever.


purdey spring summer collection


Purdey apply the same passion and refinement to their Clothing and Accessory Collections, with two new collections launched each year that extend far beyond the shooting field. Purdey is all about the ‘best’ and these collections encapsulate the finest and most technical tweed with beautiful silks, satins, cashmeres and furs for a perfect winter weekend to fresh linens, cottons and brighter colours to be worn in the summer months while still keeping close to their shooting roots and the adventures of the great outdoors.


purdey clothing and guns


Conservation and sustainability are at the heart of everything that Purdey do and this could not be no more evident than with their Luxury Leather range. Using hand-crafted oak bark tanned Leather made especially for them from a totally sustainable factory in Devon that dates back to the Roman times to their stunning Nettle Cotton Canvass collection. This elegant travel collection extends from a ladies’ tote to 48-hour bags and suit carriers and so much more.


purdey luggage


The final string to the Purdey bow is their immense range of men gifts, quite probably the largest collection in London. All of which can be personalised either with embossing, embroidery or engraving. The detail that they can offer is incredible – one dog’s face engraved on a crystal decanter, bespoke and personalised slippers, leather embossed gun cases and initials embroidered on shirts. Certainly, the destination to remember in the festive season.



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