A British optics company driven by design for purpose, quality and value, delivering the consummate ownership experience

Hawke is a worldwide, class-leading optics brand offering a complete line of optics from rifle scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Accuracy, strength and precision; Hawke blends British design, exceptional engineering and value for money to create the consummate ownership experience.  

Whether you are planning a hunt or adventure you want the best equipment you can afford. Even the most accurate rifle in the world is nothing without the optic sitting on top of it. The range from Hawke Optics offers accuracy and affordability for any scenario. Striving to provide customers with innovative products tailored to meet their specific needs, Hawke work closely with industry professionals to integrate creative features that provide users  with products that are rich in benefits, excellent value for money and are backed with exemplary customer service. 
The brand represents a lifestyle choice appealing to the passionate and emotive side of optics, which is reflected in all areas of the brand through the imagery and aspirational messages. The products reflect Hawke’s passion placing a premium on quality, value and devotion to outstanding customer service. Established in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago the extensive range of high quality, value for money optics has proven its staying power, becoming a real force in optics worldwide.

Wherever you hunt, hunt with Hawke. 
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