With more than 100 years of tyre making expertise, General Tire delivers products consumers reply on.

Heritage-rich, General Tire was founded in the US in 1915 and has been a pioneer of manufacturing processes and technologies ever since, establishing its strengths to compete in the constantly changing tyre industry. As a brand of Continental, General Tire uses its parentage of premium quality research and development practises for continuous product improvements.

Recognised around the world for its core competency in the manufacture of 4x4 and SUV products, General Tire has secured its position as a market leader for off-road replacement tyres. With more fitments in the UK than any other manufacturer, the brand offers one of the most comprehensive range of tyre patterns and sizes – and continues to be the consumers’ choice when it comes to quality, value and performance.

For nearly two decades, General Tire has attended Game Fairs across the country and for many years has provided Fieldsports consumers with advice for choosing the right tyres for their needs. Often, it’s considered that the quality of the vehicle provides the performance over the terrain, when the only contact with the surface are the tyres. So, when you’re planning for a successful day in the Field, you need to make sure you fit the right tyres to avoid your vehicle slipping and getting stuck in the mud.


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David Dineen of General Tire says: “An average 4x4 spends most of its time on the road. Vehicle manufacturers tend to fit a road going pattern to cars for compliance with EU regulation on noise, wet grip and fuel consumption. For vehicles that have been chosen to go off-road as well as on-road, a road bias tyre supplied from new may not sufficiently work as well as an all-terrain or mud-terrain tyre.

“Vehicles used on Shooting Estates are driven as much off-road, if not more than on the road, particularly towing trailers that are frequently fully loaded with Guns, Beaters and Gun Dogs. Health and safety are paramount when considering these factors. Standard road going tyres can struggle with grip, possibly slip and slide - causing unnecessary damage to the land which is made worse if the soil is heavily waterlogged. Getting stuck in the mud will also cause delays when moving from one Peg to another. This is something that I’m sure Gamekeepers and Shoot Managers will want to avoid?” David further explains.




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Grabber™ AT3

General Tire’s Grabber™ AT3 all-terrain tyre is a practical choice if you’re intending to drive on all kinds of surfaces throughout the year. The AT3 has been designed for drivers who need a tyre that delivers exceptional off-road performance, thanks to an efficient self-cleaning design for added traction in the mud. Whilst it provides a smoother and more comfortable driving experience on the road, the AT3 ensures that your journey to and from a Shoot is more pleasurable. The robust compound found in DuraGen™ Technology will improve the life of the tyre and as a true compromise tyre, the AT3 carries the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol which enables your vehicle to be used all-year-round, enhancing its on-road performance.

AT3 sizes:

General Tire manufactures the pattern in an extremely wide product range for rims between 15 and 21 inches in diameter; in tread widths from 195-315, with approval for speeds of up to 150mph. Coming soon are new and exciting sizes suitable for the Land Rover and Range Rover family, and for Mercedes-Benz vehicle marques; 255/60 R19 113V XL and 275/45 R21 110V XL.


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Grabber™ X3

The Grabber™ X3 mud-terrain tyre has outstanding off-road performance in mud, dirt and on rocky surfaces. The tyre has an aggressive open tread pattern for high levels of traction and the evacuation channels between the tread blocks are great for efficient self-cleaning. Should your vehicle spend much of its time working off-road, DuraGen™ Technology means you can drive confidently in the most challenging rugged terrain with a compound for additional mileage from the tyre. The X3 also benefits from excellent road manners and is one of the quietest mud tyres in this sector.

X3 sizes:

The Grabber X3 is available for rims between 15 to 20 inch in diameter. All sizes of this off-road specialist are approved for speeds of up to 99 mph in tread widths from 205-305. A limited range of the Grabber X3 feature the Smooth Red Letter (SRL) sidewall marking.


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