Driven partridge sporting tours in Spain and Morocco.

Partridge shooting in Spain and Morocco is some of the most exhilarating driven sport that you will take part in outside of the UK. With Butler del Prado it is now no longer prohibitively expensive and they offer bespoke packages at some stunning estates at unrivalled prices.




spanish partridge shooting


spanish partridges


The Spanish estates are beautifully situated to offer you the best of what the country has to offer. Choose from either a short drive to Chinchón from the capital city of Madrid or the historic city of Salamanca.

The Spanish redleg partridge is a beautiful, strong gamebird that has been challenging Guns for years. Comparable to grouse with its flight pattern, its speed and height varies with the terrain and weather conditions. You’ll see huge coveys at tree top height and then birds almost out of range. This is widely regarded as some of the best driven partridge to be found in Europe.


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partridge shooting in morocco


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Moroccan mountains shooting


In Morocco, shooting Barbary partridge at the foot of the Atlas Mountains is something that you must try in your lifetime. Coupled with luxury accommodation, this is a simply stunning location and exceptional value for money. Unlike other outfits, Butler del Prado don’t insist on huge bag numbers or back to back days strong in the belief that you’re there for quality, unforgettable birds rather than quantity.


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partridge shooting in morocco