The British Game Alliance (BGA) was set-up in 2018 as a not-for-profit game meat marketing board and independent assurance scheme, which exists to provide credible self-regulation through a third-party auditing scheme.

The creation of the BGA has been supported by forward-thinking estates and game farms, and for first time has given shoots access to independently-audited assurance in order to demonstrate self-regulation. Now more than ever, demonstrating self-assurance is a pressing importance for the shooting industry.



The BGA promotes and develops the consumption of assured game meat, running the first independent assurance scheme for shoots and game farms in the UK. The BGA envisions a thriving game meat market, underpinned by an independent assurance scheme, offering traceability within the game meat supply chain.

The BGA’s Shoot Standards cover the marketing of game and ethical issues, which relate to consumer confidence and regulate these standards through Lloyd’s Register, the official auditing partner.



Game meat bearing the British Game Alliance logo has been produced on estates subject to independently assured high welfare and environmental standards. This stamp of assurance gives buyers and consumers’ confidence in the traceability, sustainability and quality of the game they eat.



The BGA's EatWild marketing campaign helps people find British Game stockists and learn how to cook with game in new and exciting ways. The website offers a whole host of game recipes and videos you can experiment with, whilst learning about the nutritional benefits of game meat.

To learn more about the British Game Alliance and its aims, please visit: