The brand new Fieldsports Awards aim to celebrate the true heroes of our community. We’re talking about those who lead by example and go above and beyond to promote, protect and preserve our way of life – people who deserve recognition for all the right reasons. The challenging political climate that we find ourselves in, where misinformation and emotional propaganda about what we do and why we do it seem to be having increasing leverage with decision makers, means it is more important than ever that we shine a light on those individuals setting a perfect example and championing the various aspects of our fieldsports, from conservation and game meat to young Shots and community involvement. We are talking about those who are prepared to go the extra mile to share their passions and enhance perceptions – people who are telling the real story. After much deliberation we have chosen six award categories, each of which will be presented on the Fieldsports stand at this year’s Game Fair at Hatfield House (26–28 July).

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