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Sea trout mysteries

Author: Toby Coe

An investigation into why only some trout run to sea whilst others remain in their river of origin.

If you fish for trout, you will likely be aware that brown trout and sea trout, thought once to be different species, are actually one and the same. The obvious question this raises is why this should be so; why do some trout run to sea, whilst others remain in the river from which they originated? Like most questions in biology, the answer is not simple, but multifaceted, varying both spatially and temporally. As anglers, we are inclined to anthropomorphise fish and their behaviour. We...

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River Frome, Dorset

Unpredictable, challenging, different, yet remarkably memorable. Matt Kidd recounts his first ever visit to the River Frome in Dorset.

I like surprises. Whether in the form of a gift hidden against the trunk of the Christmas tree, a glimpse of a shooting star in my peripherals whilst gazing at the night sky, or even a simple text message from a friend I haven’t heard from in some time. Surprises that excite me most, however, tend to come when I have a fly rod in my hand – an example would be from a trip to the River Frome in Dorchester, Dorset in June, having taken up a very kind trout fishing invite from Tim Hill of Edgar...

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Salmon fishing in December

Author: Patrick Tillard

Fishing in the UK in December is not something most anglers give a second thought. But these people are missing out on a Cornish gem.

It felt decidedly odd to be packing the car with rods, reels and waders. It was December, the mercury barely above freezing, and most anglers across the UK had put thoughts of fresh-run salmon to the back of their minds. This, by all normal accounts, was the time for cartridge bags and shotguns; for last-minute Christmas shopping and too much mulled wine. But I still had the itch. Trips to Scotland through the summer and autumn months had proved less than fruitful – to put it lightly – and...

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