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How to catch more trout

Author: Toby Coe

Five top tips for catching more trout.

For most of us, fishing is rarely only about catching fish. The all-encompassing experience of time spent in stunning surroundings with good friends is an important part of the sport we all love. However, were we to go through the fundamental motions without actually ever catching any fish at all, our chosen hobby could probably be renamed ‘frantic stick waving’, or ‘river thrashing’. All (accomplished) anglers ponder on exactly how we can catch more or bigger fish. Over time I...

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Three favourite pink flies

Author: Matt Harris

Almost every species of fish seems to show a distinct penchant for pink.

What is it about pink? American anglers love to trot out the excruciating old rhyme, ‘it if ain’t chartreuse, it ain’t no use’. Well, let me tell you: it is if it’s pink. Almost every species – from the humble grayling to chrome-bright steelhead and mighty sailfish – seems to show a distinct penchant for a splash of ‘rosado’. In fact, they often positively flip out for it. In the salt, pink is a killer. Ocean speedsters like wahoo go nuts for a big, pink, flashy...

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Modern-day bamboo fly rods

Every keen angler should fish the evening rise with a split cane rod at least once in their lifetime, says Matt Kidd after a visit to Gavin Haywood’s workshop.

Any fisherman who has ever tied a fly will tell you there is no better feeling than when the intended quarry engulfs it. Those prior moments of anticipation and excitement, and the surge of adrenaline that accompanies a take make those minutes (or hours) at the tying bench totally worthwhile.  It is no surprise then that for many, fly tying becomes an obsession – I for one can put my hand up and admit to being guilty. But can you imagine what it is like to catch a fish on a self-built...

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