Shooting abroad

Spanish partridges at Butler del Prado

Author: Will Pocklington

One man’s vision became a team’s dream, and now sportsmen and women of the truest calibre are catching wind of a Spanish partridge shoot in the Serrania foothills determined to offer authentic sport produced off the back of a commendable philosophy.

“This lucky bugger’s going to Spain in a few week’s time, partridge shooting!” A heavy hand patted my back. It was the end of season meal at my local shoot, and I was much the envy of those with whom I shared a table. “Balmy 20 degrees”, “Rioja in the sun”, “It’s alright for some!” they teased. I’d be popping my Spanish sporting cherry. And to be honest, I too first envisaged sun-baked sandy soils, deep valleys, shirt sleeve order, cured meats and cold beer in...

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