Fly fishing abroad

Fishing for arapaima

Author: Matt Harris

Heading deep into the wilderness of the South American rainforest in pursuit of monstrous arapaima – one of the most astonishing things you will ever do with a fly rod in your hand.

As the big Airbus A320 lumbered up into the warm evening air above Manaus, I took one last long look at the serpentine curves of the Amazon River, receding into the last flickering embers of the day, far to the west. I studied the deep groove burnt into the flesh of my thumb, and thought yet again about my brief but unforgettable encounter with the leviathan that I had travelled 8,000 miles to tangle with. The Solimoes River is, in effect, the upper Amazon River. It tumbles down out of the...

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Golden char fishing in Japan

Author: Jess McGlothlin

An exploratory trip to Japan’s Lake Akan in search of golden char.

Some places fill you with awe. They leave one stunned, speechless at the sight of vast scenery, sinuous waterways and craggy mountainsides. At first glance, Hokkaido doesn’t boast such grandeur. Sweeping, tree-laden hillsides are too homey to conjure astonishment; the crystal-clear water lapping at the lakeshore invokes more relaxation than stark inspiration. The village of Akanko, nestled on the shores of Lake Akan, is more comfortable and serene than exotic. Schoolchildren zipping by on...

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Trout fishing on Iceland’s Minnivallalaekur

Inspired by a fleeting experience several years ago, Steffan Jones revisits the enchanting ‘Minni’ river in the south of Iceland to pit himself against challenging monster brown trout.

The Minnivallalaekur (abbreviated to Minni for those that lack the linguistic skills to combat the rest) is an enchanting and captivating river in the south of Iceland – a mere 90-minute drive from the airport in Keflavik, meandering at the foothills of Mount Hekla and surrounding glaciers. It is a stone’s throw from the revered Ranga rivers, but it is not salmon that makes the Minni famous. Anglers travel from all over the world to target its brown trout – not surprising when you learn...

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Taimen on fly

Author: Alex Jardine

Following an adventure in pursuit of taimen, it’s hard to fathom that a place like Outer Mongolia still exists. It’s just you, the wilderness, and the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime...

Mongolia is not a destination that often springs up on one’s travel list, but perhaps it should. Many know little about the world’s second largest land-locked country beyond stories of Genghis Khan’s empire, the Gobi Desert or the Mongol Derby. It is however a wonderful country, rich in history, surrounded by beautiful and extreme landscapes, with friendly people and, most importantly, home to a big fish called the taimen. My first trip to Mongolia in 2015 was one of mixed success;...

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